Reveille Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Reveille ship items?
Reveille uses UPS as a preferred shipper. Once an item is won and you are interested in shipping please forward a "paid in full" invoice and desired shipping address to support@ireveille.com. From there we will email you an adjusted invoice and shipping cost will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.

When do I get my invpoice?
A "Paid in Full" invoice will be sent on the day of pickup sometime before noon. If you did not receive an invoice, please check your spam folders. An email can be sent to support2@ireveille.com to receive a duplicate invoice.

How can I arrange business or home delivery?  Coming Soon!

What if I can't pick up my item at the scheduled pick up time?
If unable to come to the scheduled pickup time, it is the winning bidder's responsibility to send someone on their behalf with a valid driver's license and a "paid in full" invoice. Items not picked up on the scheduled pickup day are subject to resale within 1 week of the scheduled pickup day. No refunds will be issued for items not picked up.

Do I need to bring a paper copy of the invoice or can I just show it on my phone?
Winning bidder can either bring a paper copy or show it on their phone.

Why was my credit card was charged $5

$5 is a pending preauthorization charge that will not be posted. Every time a bid is placed on a new auction it is used to verify that the credit card is valid. The charge will disappear in few days. 

Are Item Returnable?
No, all items are sold as is with no warranty. No exceptions will be made. Please come to preview to inspect the condition of the item(s) before placing your first bid.

Can a submitted bid be removed if I am no longer interested in the item?
Reveille cannot edit or delete bids after they have been submitted.

Am I allowed to open boxes during preview?
We encourage bidder to visit us on preview to know exactly what they are bidding on before they even place their first bid. All items can be opened for preview except sealed boxes in order to prevent theft or compromising of the items. You don’t even need to be a registered bidder to come preview items.

Do I need to bring help to retrieve my item(s)?
Reveilles provides vehicle loading and unloading

Are there any auction fees?
All winning items will be charged with a 13.5% auction fee.

How does auction bidding end?
Two item will end at intervals of one minute. Meaning, if an auction is scheduled to end at 8:00PM, item number one and two will end at 8:00 followed by items number three and four ending at 8:01. Auctions will close once all items have ended. If two bidders are bidding for the same item within the last minutes of an item's scheduled end time the items bidding will be extended for an additional three minutes. This feature gives an online auction more of a "live" auction feel.

Why do I need to provide a credit card to register?
All winning bidders' credit cards will be charged at the end of each auction to minimize pick uop waiting time.

What should I bring with me to pick up my item?
You must present a "paid in full" invoice and a valid driver's license at time of pick up.

Is there a subscription fee?
There are no subscription of commitments needed to bid on our auctions.

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